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Sound Sustainable Farms Offering Home Delivery In 2020 Season

We are proud to announce that our farm in Redmond, WA, Sound Sustainable Farms, will be offering contactless home delivery of our produce starting June 2020. Bring locally grown, organic produce directly to your table with convenient online ordering and fast-turnaround delivery.

Cedar Grove Deploys Innovative System on Existing Collection Truck to Green its Fleet

With numerous stops, collection trucks often spend a majority of their time idling; this system avoids unnecessary use of fuel and reduces emissions and noise during that time.  

Cedar Grove Addresses Governor Inslee’s Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery Task Force

“We urge you to include compost filtration of stormwater as one of the action recommendations in your comprehensive report this fall.”

Solving Stormwater with Compost

Fall is here and the rain is falling.  Did you know that compost filters stormwater runoff, protecting salmon and our waterways? 

Seattle Public Schools Bring Their Recycling Program Full Circle

Seattle Public School culinary students make the connection between compost and agriculture

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