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Cedar Grove La-Ces Event


Compost Days Event with Stewardship Partners

Cedar Grove, Stewardship Partners and Carnation Farms are teaming up for a river restoration event in celebration of Compost Days, and you are invited to join!

From Pike Street to Prosser Farm: Tom Douglas Brings Organics Recycling Full Circle

Iconic Seattle Chef, Tom Douglas, inspires us. And, as anyone who knows him knows, he is the real deal. He walks the talk of sustainability and he doesn’t pay lip service to doing the right thing.

Growing a Garden at Safeco Field

"With Cedar Grove’s help, we are completing the loop of responsible recycling practices by turning waste into a product that is used here at Safeco Field, as well as around the greater Puget Sound area,” said Joe Myhra, Seattle Mariners Vice President of Ballpark Operations......

Metropolitan Grill

In order for a recycling program to be successful for the Metropolitan Grill, it has to be simple and easy to maintain.  Chef Hellner says that their organics recycling program is so simple that it doesn’t utilize staff resources to make it work.  It simply happens.

Winter Gardening Tips

Winter Garden Care

Sometimes it’s difficult to know when and where to plant what, and how to care for your garden.  We’ve asked the experts and come up with the following tips & tricks.

"I know Cedar Grove's Booster Blend is a mixture of compost & manure, is it safe to use in my vegetable garden?"

“I know Cedar Grove’s Booster Blend is a mixture of compost & manure, is it safe to use in my vegetable garden?”

— Crystal in Seattle

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How To Build Your Own Raised Beds

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