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Cedar Grove Partners with Diverse Communities in King County to Increase Food Waste Recycling

Cedar Grove, supported by a King County Solid Waste Division commercial food waste grant, is conducting a project to increase food waste recycling by restaurants and two farmers markets in King County. A key feature of this project is to focus on diverse communities. The company is working with 17 restaurants, new to food waste composting, whose owners are people of color, foreign-born, and/or whose primary language is not English.

Cedar Grove™ Creates Local, Organic Food Model Farm in Redmond, Washington

Sound Sustainable Farms, opening this summer and located in Redmond, Wash., strives to bring fresh, locally grown, organic food to the tables of diners at our finest area restaurants, fans at our region’s iconic ballparks and the tables of hungry families throughout our region.  Earlier this year, Cedar Grove brought its locally manufactured, organic compost generated from local residents and restaurants to a dormant farm to restore soil health and initiate productivity on land that was intended for and protected for farming.

From Pike Street to Prosser Farm: Tom Douglas Brings Organics Recycling Full Circle

Iconic Seattle Chef, Tom Douglas, inspires us. And, as anyone who knows him knows, he is the real deal. He walks the talk of sustainability and he doesn’t pay lip service to doing the right thing.

"I know Cedar Grove's Booster Blend is a mixture of compost & manure, is it safe to use in my vegetable garden?"

“I know Cedar Grove’s Booster Blend is a mixture of compost & manure, is it safe to use in my vegetable garden?”

— Crystal in Seattle

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