Come on down to any one of our 6 landscape yards to buy bulk materials in person, drop off approved organic & yard debris, or take a tour.


These items can be included during drop off at any Cedar Grove yard:

Tree trimmings
Grass Clippings
Garden Residue
Landscape Debris
including tree trunks, stumps, limbs and shrubs

Do not dispose of these items with other compostables at any Cedar Grove yard:

Plastic bags or bottles
Fruit stickers
Wax or plastic lined paper cups
Glossy paper materials
Biosolids, biosolid derived products, animal manure, or sewage
Gypsum waste
Treated wood
Pet waste
Vactor wastes
Noxious Weeds*
Clean or untreated wood
Food scraps, including dairy, meat and bones
Paper towels and napkins
Coffee filters
Food-soiled cardboard