Build Your Own Raised Beds
Step-by-step instructions
Raised Beds 1
Required Materials
  • Four 8 foot long 2-by-6s
  • Two 8 foot long 2-by-6s cut in half
  • One 6 foot long 4-by-4 cut into four 16” tall corner posts
  • Weed suppressing landscape fabric
  • 32 3” screws
  • 32 cubic feet of Cedar Grove soil (options below)
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How-To Guide
  1. Prepare the location by removing grass and weeds.
  2. Outline the bed dimensions on the ground using chalk or string.
  3. Dig along the outline using vertical strokes to bury about half of your first wood board.
  4. Put down a layer of newspaper or weed-suppressing landscape fabric that extends to the outside edges of the outline.
  5. Set a 4-foot 2-by-6 on its thin edge on pavement, and place a 16” post at one end. Secure post with two 3” screws. Repeat at other end of board. Repeat with other short board.
  6. Join short sides with an 8-foot board; and secure with two screws. Add other long side. Add second layer of 2-by-6s.
  7. Place the bed into the outline made in step 3.
  8. Fill the bed with Cedar Grove Potting Soil.
  9. Alternative: amend native soil with either Cedar Grove Compost, Booster Blend Garden Soil, or Topsoil Planting Mix.
Potting Soil
Booster Blend
Landscape Mulch
Booster Blend
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$5.50 per bag
Landscape Mulch New
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$7.75 per bag
Order Bags
$5.75 per bag
Potting Soil
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$7.50 per bag