Accepted Commercial Items

         Field Tested By The
Compost Manufacturing                                Alliance


Samples and profiles for next testing round are due Friday, October 5, 2018.
Contact for inclusion in the next test.  

Cedar Grove is committed to supporting sustainability by encouraging the use of durable (reusable) food service items before choosing disposable packaging. If disposables must be used, Cedar Grove supports the evolving use of compostable and recyclable products that replace materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

All products shown on our accepted list have met CMA field testing requirements for in-vessel Gore technology.
Products are composed of historically beneficial and acceptable substrates used for feedstock in composting.

The testing on an item and an indication of acceptance does NOT authorize ANY use of any of our logos, trademarks, trade names, letterhead or company name on such item, on the packaging of such item, or in the marketing of such item.  Any such uses can be authorized, at our discretion, only pursuant to a formal written license agreement through Cedar Grove Packaging LLC. Please see the Cedar Grove Trademark Use Categories.  

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Compostable Products for Home Yard Waste Bins:
For compostable products made by a cooperative of U.S.manufacturers meeting Cedar Grove standards (color and logo marked) for acceptance in residential curbside programs (and processed at Cedar Grove facilities), click to learn more.

* For a complete list of compostable products accepted in the City of Seattle's curbside Food and Yard Waste collection program, click to learn more

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