Cedar Grove Donations

From community gardens to restoration projects to supporting local food banks, Cedar Grove is committed to the communities we serve. On this page, you'll see our giving programs outlined; please review the options below to choose the program that best suits your organization or project.

Compost Donations

Thank you for your interest in a donation of compost from Cedar Grove.  We are honored to partner for good with many schools and organizations in our community to grow healthy food, support sustainable landscapes, filter stormwater runoff and more.

We partner with schools and non-profits in the community in the following ways:


If you represent a school requesting a compost donation, your school is eligible for a donation if the school has its yard and food scraps hauled by Cedar Grove.  If your school is a customer of Cedar Grove, the school is eligible for up to 10 yards of compost annually from Cedar Grove via our School Soil program.  To find out more, please visit cedar-grove.com/school-soil-program. To apply for a donation, please visit cedar-grove.com/donationapplication.


If your non-profit is a hauling customer of Cedar Grove (i.e. a Cedar Grove truck hauls your yard and food scraps), the organization is eligible for a compost donation.  We’d encourage you to verify and then fill that donation request out here: cedar-grove.com/donationapplication

Other Schools & Non-Profits

If you represent a school or non-profit that is not a hauling customer of Cedar Grove, you can receive special, discounted pricing on Cedar Grove products. To place your order, please call 1-877-764-5748.

Thank you so much for thinking of Cedar Grove to partner with you and your organization to install a sustainable landscape, grow healthy food and more!

Auction Donation Requests

Thank you for working for good in your community and we’re honored that you’ve thought of Cedar Grove to partner with you in those efforts.  We are delighted to honor auction donation requests for schools and organizations that are customers of Cedar Grove.  If your school or organization is a customer of Cedar Grove (i.e. a school that has its food waste hauled by Cedar Grove), we’d encourage you to submit an “Auction Donation Request Form”.

If your organization is eligible for a donation and a donation is granted, the organization will receive a certificate for 10 bags or 1 yard of compost. Please allow 30 days for processing auction donation requests.

Please note that each eligible organization can receive one auction donation per calendar year.

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