School/Club Fundraisers
Bring it Back, Watch it Grow

As we all know, with some fundraisers, parents, grandparents and community members feel pressure to support the school through the purchase of items that they wouldn't normally buy and are often times way over market value and not needed, thus winding up in a landfill.

Through a new program called Bring it Back, Watch it Grow, we're hoping to close the recycling loop for local schools and youth organizations.

We are piloting a new program which will allow schools in close proximity to our Cedar Grove facilities, through their PTA, Green Team or other avenue of their choice, to pre-purchase compost at a significant discount and then sell that compost to families of students and the broader community.

How the Program Works

Cedar Grove will provide schools with vouchers for 1 yard of compost with no upfront cost. Students would then take orders for the vouchers from family, friends, and neighbors.

The program is a waste-free fundraiser that heightens awareness about the local connection to the urban organics recycling effort, promotes green gardening and highlights the importance of environmental stewardship.

The vouchers can be applied to any Cedar Grove compost purchase (at the facility, deliveries or online orders).

Once the vouchers are distributed, any unused vouchers would be returned, and the school would raise approximately $4 per voucher sold.

If you are interested in discussing this fundraising idea or getting started, please contact the Cedar Grove fundraising team at

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