Recycling Collection
Cedar Grove As A Hauler

Over the last 70 years we have had experience hauling almost anything in the northwest. Now we specialize in working with businesses to help them establish lasting, sustainable recycling and composting programs.

Our goal is to provide you with a container and support to ensure your recycling and composting programs are successful and saving you money.

Business Sustainability Consulting

We can help you streamline your waste and find new and creative ways to cut your monthly waste bills while helping your business “Go Green.”

When you work with Cedar Grove you are working direct with the people who handle and actually recycle your waste. We on the front lines of the industry and have expertise in maximizing diversion rates and cutting bottom line costs.

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Local Company With Deep Local Roots

We have been providing local jobs in the Northwest since 1938. We have a strong local commitment to our community and the environment by diverting around 350,000 tons a year from the local landfills.

Being that we are locally owned and operated we have a vested interest in providing the best customer service possible and the flexibility to handle almost anything thrown at us.

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