Market Feasibility, Products and Technology

Do you need help figuring out how to sell your compostable item within a complicated service area?

Are you focused on the best and most sustainable products for the market you are selling into rather than just pushing a product to the market and not knowing where it ends up?

Are you having trouble getting composters to accept your items? Recyclers?

Are you unclear what the practicality of your product is in an AD system?

Or, are you trying to determine the best technology and the return on investment for a local composting system?

Work with the CGAT and unlock the “best and highest use” options for the market you are targeting, and stand out as the one with the right answers.

From product line list development to sales training programs, CGAT offers uniquely qualified support and guidance on the most practical, viable, and forward thinking programs for maximizing recycling and composting rates within widely diverse jurisdictions with varying levels of collection and infrastructure.

Stop spinning in circles, and let CGAT guide you toward practical business and sales plans that will be respected and supported by end users and local recycling leaders.

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