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Recent studies by Washington State University have shown that Vehicle Impacted Stormwater (VIS) has immediate negative impacts on our aquatic environment as this heavily polluted water works its way into our surface water. Once it enters our waterways, the effects devastate aquatic life with both developmental and lethal effects.

Researchers at WSU’s Stormwater Center have shown that running this stormwater through certain types of compost-based filtration media reverses these toxic effects, reducing the developmental impacts and ultimately eliminating the lethal impacts on our local salmon population.

Washington Stormwater Center Report

As this research progresses, Cedar Grove has been working alongside municipal and tribal stakeholders to find new and creative ways to implement compost-based filtration in areas most impacted by vehicle impacted stormwater.

This includes the City of Bellevue lead BURito project (VIS Systems® Sock) which is a compost sock filtration application to laterally filter stormwater as it enters and exits retention ponds. This application can also be used in ditches along roadways as a cost-effective way to filter all stormwater before it has a chance to reach the surface waters of Washington State.

Additionally, we have developed mobile containerized filtration systems “VIS Systems” to filter water from elevated roadways and bridges. These systems have been designated by the Department of Ecology as functionally equivalent to traditional bioretention systems.

As we collectively learn more about our negative impacts on the environment, we need to continue to find creative ways to eliminate or reverse them.

If you’ve made it to here, you’re one step away from taking a giant leap in our efforts to combat Vehicle Impacted Stormwater.

Cedar Grove offers design and installation services for the entire line of VIS Systems® products. For more information, please contact Chris Cunningham / chrisc@cgcompost.com
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We look forward to working with you to minimize the impacts our vehicles leaving behind every mile that is driven.

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