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Cedar Grove Advisory Team

Cedar Grove Composting is proud to be recognized as an international leader in the urban composting space. As a pioneer of 75 years in urban recycling and composting, the demand for Cedar Grove’s expertise and support has resulted in the initiation of the Cedar Grove Advisory Team (CGAT) .

CGAT is a consultancy that specializes in the practical application of experience, operations knowledge, research and development, processing technology, consumer and stakeholder engagement, compostable packaging and commercial collection work.

The advisory team works with composters, municipalities, research firms, compostable product developers, manufacturers and various entities within the product supply chain to foster high impacts around a highly collaborative program of results focused on zero waste initiatives.

The Cedar Grove Advisory Team (CGAT) provides comprehensive environmental support, practical experience, science, and an expertise in business facilitation and stakeholder engagement to augment high performing organics by-product recovery as well as mixed recycling programs.

National programs that produce the highest recycling rates require a high level of knowledge, policy-making, practical experience, and collaboration. With a deep understanding of all phases of what it takes to build a successful “zero waste” process in metropolitan communities, and with years of rich research, experience and program development to draw from, the Cedar Grove Advisory Team (CGAT) can save your company, municipality or non-profit significant time and resources by offering practical services and advice on product development, messaging to end users, solid waste (recycling) program feasibility assessments as well as program implementation support and development.

Consultant and Principal and Managing Director, Compost Manufacturing Alliance

Susan Thoman consults for Cedar Grove Composting, one of the largest urban composting operations in North America. Susan has worked in the sustainable services field since 1986 and has developed a national reputation for excellence as an environmental educator, program developer, business trainer, writer and public speaker.

While holding various leadership, government affairs and management positions over the years, Susan’s work helped influence the development and implementation of programs focused on waste solutions that included chemical reuse, alternative fuels, raw material management and byproduct reuse from both residential and commercial sources.

Thoman has served as a regional educator and key strategist among private industry and government, and her work has inspired game-changing synergies fostering public/private partnerships using win/win financial models that foster cooperation and economic soundness.

Susan studied journalism and political science at the University of Washington, has been in management since she started her career in 1986, was the sole proprietor of Training a la Carte and a sought after facilitator and industrial business trainer with clients across North America, and has served on the Board of Directors for the Washington State Recycling Association since 2007.

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