We recycle 350,000 Tons of Residential and Commercial Yard and Food Waste Every Year

Grants & Donations

From community gardens to restoration projects to supporting local food banks, Cedar Grove is committed to the communities we serve. On this page, you'll see our giving programs outlined; please review the options below to choose the program that best suits your organization or project.

Non-Profit Product Donations

Registered non-profit organizations in local communities may be eligible for a Grant-For-Green! To apply for your product grant:

To apply for a product grant for use in 2016, submit the fully completed grant application form by clicking here: "Grant For Green Application".

By applying for a Grant for Green, you agree to partner with Cedar Grove in community outreach and promotional efforts during your project, including signage at your site(s), photos of the project(s), advertising and community awareness.  Cedar Grove staff will facilitate outreach and promotions at no additional cost to you.

Please allow 60 days to process Grant for Green requests.

Fundraising Product Donations

Cedar Grove is a strong supporter of community fundraising efforts.  To request a donation of compost for your fundraising auction, please click here “Auction Donation Request Form”.

If approved, the standard auction donation is a certificate for 10 bags or 1 yard of compost picked up at a Cedar Grove facility. 

Please allow 30 days for processing auction donation requests.

“Seeds for Scholars” Scholarship

Cedar Grove is committed to supporting the local communities where we operate in addition to the broader Puget Sound region.  In 2013, we launched our “Seeds of Scholars” scholarship program, offering four scholarships to graduating high school seniors at schools surrounding our Maple Valley and Everett facilities.  These scholarships include: 

     -$2500 payment made directly to the college of acceptance

      -The opportunity to be interviewed for a summer internship at Cedar Grove in the summer of graduation and every summer thereafter while the student is in college

The “Seeds for Scholars” scholarship is available to students in the Marysville School District, at Everett High School, Liberty High School (Renton) and Tahoma High School (Covington).

This scholarship will be awarded to a student who has demonstrated interest, action and achievement in issues surrounding sustainability and the environment (i.e. Green Team membership, Eagle Scout project involving building a garden, supporting school’s recycling and composting efforts, environmental courses, camps, etc.)

For full details, criteria and application, please visit the career center at the high school where applying or:

Karen Dawson
Director of Community Relations

Compost Bank - The Program

Every year, Cedar Grove donates hundreds of yards of compost to community gardens including schools, non-profits, neighborhoods and more. 

In order to expand that program and be able to get healthy soil in to more neighborhoods and extend the value and reach of businesses’ recycling and overall sustainability efforts, Cedar Grove is partnering with businesses to close the loop on their recycling program by providing a conduit to get the compost generated from their recycling program into gardens in their community.

This program is a bridge which will allow companies to be matched with a community garden in need, provide the soil needed for the garden and develop a partnership that benefits both the participating company and the non-profit. 

Please note:  Businesses do not have to be a Cedar Grove customer to participate in this program.

For companies, here’s how it work

- Company decides they want to donate compost to a community garden

- Company contacts Cedar Grove (details below)

- Company determines giving budget (compost provided at a significantly reduced rate for donors)

- Cedar Grove connects company to local non-profit

- Company works with Cedar Grove and non-profit to customize and define donation

- Company works with Cedar Grove and non-profit on signage design for garden

- Company works with Cedar Grove and non-profit on any custom desires; for instance, if the company wants to organize a hands-on volunteer event in the garden or organize a photo shoot in the garden, arrangements are made

In addition to funding a specific project for a specific amount, companies can set up annual or ongoing donation programs and be linked to non-profits. For instance, if a company wants to host a special day where 5% of profits are given to community gardens, we can take the amount raised and build a partnership with a non-profit near you to support their garden.

Additionally, if you wish to make the donation directly to the organization in order to receive a tax write-off, we can coordinate the project directly with the non-profit.

What does Cedar Grove do?For non-profits, here’s how it works:

- Fill out application and email to karend@cgcompost.com.  

Please note:

This program is growing.  While we hope to match each request with a donor in your area, we may not be able to within the timeframe desired.
If we do not have an immediate donor match, we would encourage you to apply for a Cedar Grove garden grant.

Unless otherwise requested, we will keep all applications in the queue for 12 months; after 12 months, if a match is not found, a new application would need to be submitted.

Download Application

What does Cedar Grove do?

- Provides a significant discount on the compost purchased through this program

- Provides a significant discount on transportation for the delivery of compost through this program

- Provides public relations support to publicize the company’s partnership with the non-profit

- Pursues speaking opportunities for spokespeople from company and, when applicable, non-profit partner

- Promotes business and non-profit partnership on Cedar Grove social media platforms in addition to contributing articles to recycling industry and gardening/non-profit publications as appropriate highlighting all partners.

For more information, please contact:

Casey Funke
District Manager

Karen Dawson
Director of Community Relations