These items can go in your cart

  • Tree trimmings
  • Clean wood waste, unpainted and unpreserved lumber and woodwaste, particle board, plywood, and pallets
  • Leaves
  • Grass Clippings
  • Garden Residue
  • Landscape Debris, including tree trunks, stumps, limbs and shrubs
  • Food scraps, including dairy, meat, and bones
  • Paper Towels and Napkins
  • Coffee filters
  • Cardboard
  • Other organic materials


Do not dispose of these in your cart

  • Plastic bags or bottles
  • Fruit stickers
  • Wax or plastic lined paper cups
  • Cork
  • Glossy paper materials
  • Biosolids, biosolid derived products, animal manure, or sewage
  • Rocks
  • Gypsum waste
  • Treated wood
  • Pet waste
  • Vactor wastes

Fees (en espanol)

Commercial Food Waste$75.00/ton +$5.70 Regulatory Sort Fee per ton

Residential Co-mingled Yard Waste/Food Scraps

$68.00/ton + $5.70 Regulatory Sort Fee per ton
Yard Waste/Land-clearing$56.00/ton
Sod (no dirt)$56.00/ton
Clean Wood$60.00/ton
Residential Yard Waste (not compacted)$22.00/yard ($17.00/yard at Maple Valley location)
Fill Dirt$13.50/yard
Chipped Wood (trees & branches; not urban wood)$12.00/yard

All inbound loads charged by weight will be assessed an “Energy Recovery Fee” based on a set fuel cost index. This fee will be a certain percentage of the total cost of each load and will fluctuate monthly as fuel prices fluctuate. Example: October 2015 = 5.6%

Cedar Grove reserves the right to reject any load that appears to have contamination in excess of acceptable levels to meet the standards established by WAC 173-350.

If you are planning on dropping off organic waste at one of our facilities, please use these guidelines to estimate the amount of materials your truck can haul:

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