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Understanding "Organic"

The universe of organic products covers many categories and is only getting larger. This is confusing but we are here to help. All Cedar Grove products are generally considered organic because they are created using all-natural ingredients with no chemicals or additives*. With that in mind, here is a helpful summary of some of the key differences with the different types of certifications and registrations for various organic products.

From Pike Street to Prosser Farm: Tom Douglas Brings Organics Recycling Full Circle

Iconic Seattle Chef, Tom Douglas, inspires us. And, as anyone who knows him knows, he is the real deal. He walks the talk of sustainability and he doesn’t pay lip service to doing the right thing.

Growing a Garden at Safeco Field

"With Cedar Grove’s help, we are completing the loop of responsible recycling practices by turning waste into a product that is used here at Safeco Field, as well as around the greater Puget Sound area,” said Joe Myhra, Seattle Mariners Vice President of Ballpark Operations......

Frequently Asked Questions
What is compost?

Compost is the sustainable, recycled, nutrient rich soil amendment product of decomposed organic waste. 

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