Accepted Residential Items

Turning your kitchen scraps and trimmings into nutrient rich feed stock for composting is now easier than ever. The inception of programs allowing food scraps to be placed in residential yard waste containers prompted Cedar Grove, manufacturers, and local agencies to develop “accepted” compostable kitchen bags for local residents.

The following brands offer accepted compostable kitchen bags and picnic/party items which are available in your local grocery and retail stores or through online options. For a list of stores that carry many of these brands within King County, please visit King County’s solid waste section of their website.

  • Bio-Bag

    Kitchen Bags
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: 187128,187132,203030,203011

  • Pull-N-Pak Compostable Bag

    Pull-N-Pak Produce Bag, Green Ink
    Sizes: 14" x 18"
    Item #s: #61004

  • Glad Manufacturing Company

    Compostable mini kitchen bags.
    Sizes: 2.6G

    Item #s: 78162

  • Green Pacific NW

    Compostable bag liners
    Sizes: Food waste Bag
    Item #s: F64D-001

  • Indaco Manufacturing

    Compostable bag liners.
    Sizes: Mini Kitchen
    Item #s: MBP35201

  • Northern Technologies

Compostable bag liners.
    Sizes: 3 gallon
    Item #s: NT1075-RTL-00004

  • Organix Solutions

    Extreme Duty Green Bag
    Sizes: 33 gallons
    Item #s: 85235000-4371

  • Plastic Solutions

    Compostable bag liners.

    Sizes: Up to 2mil
    Item #s: Ecosafe-6400

  • Post Modern, LLC

    Compostable Kitchen Compost Bin
    Sizes: 3-pack starter and 5-pack refill
    Item #s: 3-Pack of containers and lids UPC: 864741000206; 5-Pack of containers and lids UPC: 864741000213

  • Ralston - Biosak

    Compostable bag liners.
    Sizes: Kitchen
    Item #s: 50303

  • Ziploc

    Compostable bags
    Sizes: Mini kitchen, Sandwich/Storage Bags
    Item #s: Z/L-FS

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