• Blue Marble Straws

    Paper, fluorine-free straw
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: White Straw

  • Cedar Grove Cascadia™

    Sizes: Wrapped Straws, Unwrapped Straws
    Item #s: 4370250, 4370150

  • Cell-O-Core

    Corn based straws.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: Jumbo; Giant

  • Eco-Products

    Corn based straws.
    Sizes: 5.25" cocktail straw, 7.75" & 9.5" clear, 7.75" green & black, 9.5" red
    Item #s: ST513, ST710, ST712, ST713, ST910, ST924

  • Gallimore Products

    Wrapped, Paper Straw (colors vary, see website)
    Sizes: 8" long, 6-10mm wide
    Item #s: 57720, 57721, 57717, 57718

  • Gallimore Products

    Unwrapped Paper Straws (colors vary, see website)
    Sizes: 6-10", 6-12mm wide
    Item #s: 57710, 57711, 57712, 57713, 57714, 57715, 57716

  • Hoffmaster Unwrapped Straws

    Black, White, Red/White striped paper straws
    Sizes: 7.75" x .23" (Drinking Straws), 5.5" x .23" (Cocktail Straws), 8.5" x .375" (Giant Straw)
    Item #s: 600196, 600195, 600197, 600250, 600251, 600252

  • Hoffmaster Wrapped Straws

    Black and White Paper Drinking Straws
    Sizes: 7.75" x .23"
    Item #s: 600194, 600196

  • Lollicup USA, Inc.

    PLA Jumbo Straw (Paper Wrapped)
    Sizes: 9.25 in
    Item #s: KE-C9200

  • Precision Products Group

    Paper straws, unwrapped.
    Sizes: Jumbo, Giant
    Item #s: 61500007, 615000013, 61500011, 61500017, 61510100, 61510513

  • Servewise® by FOH® Paper Drinking & Cocktail Straws

    Available in black or white, wrapped or unwrapped
    Sizes: 7.75" and 5.5" lengths
    Item #s: ASW001BKM28, ASW002BKM28, ASW002WHM28, ASW003BKM28

  • Compostable Straws

    Various paper straws
    Item #s: PS-05-BLK, PS-06-GSW, PS-06-BLK, PS-06C-BLK, PS-06-GS, PS-08-GS

  • WNA

    Corn based straws.
    Sizes: 7.75" wrapped & unwrapped
    Item #s: CGCS775*
    Click here to locate a distributor

  • World Centric

    Corn based straws.
    Sizes: 7.75" wrapped, and unwrapped
    Item #s: ST-SC-8W, ST-CS-8

  • Zegen Paper Straws

    Wrapped and unwrapped paper straws
    Sizes: 7.75"
    Item #s: PS519643 (Fat Paper Straw | Blue Stripe), PS519612 (Jumbo Paper Straw | Black), PS519582 Jumbo Paper Straw - Wrapped | White)

Compostable Products for Home Yard Waste Bins:
For compostable products made by a cooperative of U.S.manufacturers meeting Cedar Grove standards (color and logo marked) for acceptance in residential curbside programs (and processed at Cedar Grove facilities), click to learn more.

* For a complete list of compostable products accepted in the City of Seattle's curbside Food and Yard Waste collection program, click to learn more

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