• Bagcraft Papercon

    EcoCraft® waxed inter-fold, deli sheets and bakery pick up tissue. Grease resistant sandwich wraps and basket liners.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: 300 (281-4, 611-4, 384, 393,897, 898, 899)
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  • Cedar Grove Cascadia™ Deli Sheets

    Deli Sheets
    Item #s:

  • McNairn Packaging

    Grease resistant and waxed deli sheets, inter-fold sheets, sandwich wraps, and basket liners.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: 2056**, 001686, 1108**, 105**, 2053**, 1055**, 2055**MXN, 1033**MXT, 018***

  • Pac Paper

    Paper deli sheets.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: 53012, 53017, PTN6BF
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  • Seaman Paper Company

    Bakery and deli paper. Interfolded and flat sheets.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: ECO91214 (kraft), ECO91214 (white), MBI16110: WHT, KFT, CAR; .2(12X12): MT, KT; MSI121015: WHT, CRE, CAR; MSI121215: WHT, CRE, CAR

  • Zenith Specialty Paper

    Grease resistant deli paper.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: 1260-NAT, 1290CB-NAT, 1266, 1460-NAT, 1660-NAT, 960-NAT

  • Zenith Specialty Wrap

    Clear corn based plastic wrap.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: 1515-PLA

* For a complete list of compostable products accepted in the City of Seattle's curbside Food and Yard Waste collection program, click to learn more

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