• Bridge-Gate

    Natural molded biopulp hot/cold food trays.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: BGW-128T; BGW108T

  • CKF, Inc.

    Earthcycle Paper Hinged-Lids
    Sizes: 6", 8", 9", 9"- 3 compartment
    Item #s: 37711, 37712, 37716, 37717, 37718

  • Earth To Go, Inc.

    Expanded PLA Biopolymer Clamshells
    Sizes: Various Sizes
    Item #s: EM-6C, EM-8C, EM-83C, EM-8x6C, EM-9C, EM-93C

  • Eco-Products

    Natural molded biopulp hot/cold clamshell containers.
    Sizes: 6", 8", 9", Compartment, Hoagie
    Item #s: EP-HCW6, EP-HCW96, EP-HCW83, EP-HCW81, EP-HCW93

  • Eco Products

    Clear, corn based clamshells.
    Sizes: 6", 8", 9"
    Item #s: LC**

  • Pactiv

    Paper clamshells.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: YMFH-08010000, YMFH-0089, YMFH-0080000, YMFH-08030000, YMFH-09010000, YMFH-09030000

  • Pactiv

    PLA clamshells.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: YL18-1160, YL18-1120, YL18-1123

  • Southern Champion Tray

    Clay coated paper to go boxes.
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: 1480, 0720, 0706, 0719, 07197

  • Specialty Quality Packaging

    Hinged Pizza Slice Clamshell
    Sizes: 9"
    Item #s: 9866

  • Specialty Quality Packaging

    Sandwich, Salad and Hot Dog Boxes
    Sizes: Various
    Item #s: 8186, 8187, 8188, 1184

  • World Centric

    Wheatstraw clamshell.
    Sizes: Hoagie Box
    Item #s: TO-SC-UHB

  • World Centric

    8" Corn PLA Clamshell
    Sizes: 8"
    Item #s: KL-CS-8

* For a complete list of compostable products accepted in the City of Seattle's curbside Food and Yard Waste collection program, click to learn more

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