Compost Fest™ August 29 - October 12, 2020

Save big on locally made, organic compost! Compost Fest offers discounts on bulk and bagged product!


And a perfect time to apply compost in your yard!


**ONLINE STORE CUSTOMERS: To take full advantage of these great discounts, call in for orders of 10 Yards or Greater!  1-877-764-5748** 

Home Delivery Available On Bagged Soil Products

We are excited to continue our contactless, home-delivery service for Cedar Grove bagged soil products! All bag orders placed here will automatically receive the Compost Fest deal with a FREE BAG of compost for every two bags purchased.

Order Bulk Soil For Home Delivery

Cedar Grove bulk soil is also available for home delivery. Click below to start your order!

Participating Retailers

Compost Fest deals are available at all Cedar Grove locations, as well as a number of participating retailers. In order to take advantage of this special offer, make sure you're in the right place!

Click here to view our full list of participating retailers

Fall is a great time to amend soil with compost

Check out these instructional videos on the best ways to use compost in your garden and make sure your yard is the best on the block!

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