Cedar Grove Operational Internship

THE OPPORTUNITY: Cedar Grove is offering a six-week paid ($18.79/hour) operational internship that will provide a sampling of various roles at Cedar Grove facilities.

ABOUT CEDAR GROVE: Cedar Grove is a local, family-owned business with deep roots in the Seattle area dating back to 1938. Cedar Grove plays a critical role in the Puget Sound’s recycling infrastructure and sustainability efforts, diverting more than 350,000 tons of yard waste and food scraps from landfills annually. With two processing facilities in Maple Valley and Everett, Cedar Grove is a local manufacturer providing green jobs in King and Snohomish Counties. Cedar Grove produces wholesome, nutrient-rich compost that is sold to businesses, governments and residents, ensuring consumers have access to locally produced, recycled products. For more information, please visit cgcompost.com. You can view a tour of the composting process at our Everett facility here

WHERE: This internship can take place at Cedar Grove’s Everett or Maple Valley facility, at the intern’s choosing. Please note that transportation is not provided.

Goals For This Internship Include:

Exposing interns to low barrier to entry living wage jobs in Snohomish and King County working for a local, family owned company with a footprint in the region spanning decades.
Exposing interns to a variety of roles, tasks and mentors in order that the intern gets a taste of what it would be like to work at Cedar Grove and the variety of roles offered at Cedar Grove’s facilities.
Giving interns the opportunity to essentially try out various jobs around Cedar Grove’s facilities to discover their own interests and work styles. Cedar Grove’s opportunities include working outdoors in uniquely collaborative and also autonomous environments and we hope that interns, through experience, can further refine what type of job might be most suitable to their skillset and work styles.

$2500 Bonus for Education:

If the intern successfully completes the internship, including showing up on time, ready to work daily for the course of the internship (excused absences are okay), the intern will have the opportunity to earn a $2500 payment to the college or trade school of their choosing that is valid for up to six months after the completion of their internship. Please note that payment will be made directly to the trade school or college of the intern’s choosing.

Employment Consideration:

Additionally, if the intern enjoys working at Cedar Grove, they are welcome to apply for any open position to be considered for full time employment at any Cedar Grove location.

If you have general questions about this program or how it works, please reach out to Karen Dawson, Director Of Public Affairs at karend@cgcompost.com.

If you have specific questions about eligibility requirements, pay or other employment related questions, please reach out to Gabby Boisen, HR Manager at GabbyB@cgcompost.com.

To view the full job posting including eligibility requirements, please click here.