We recycle 350,000 Tons of Residential and Commercial Yard and Food Waste Every Year

Cedar Grove Packaging

Think about the life cycle of take-home containers. If they’re made of plastic or polystyrene foam—, the materials found in most packaging—, they'’ll fail to biodegrade and remain forever in our environment, stewing in a landfill. Yuck!

That we cannot abide. So we joined forces with packaging industry leaders to bring you Cedar Grove™ Packaging. It’s an exclusive line of easy to identify, 100% compostable food-service products.

Naturally, when you compost our “brown line” packaging it ultimately ends up back in our yards in the form of Cedar Grove Compost. Full circle, baby!


What Does “Compostable” Mean in Packaging?


That a product will break down naturally through microbial activity, heat and time. Products that are truly, naturally degradable are also considered “compostable.”


Cedar Grove Packaging