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Ask Cedar Grove: Gardening Tips



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“We’ve asked the experts and come up with the following tips & tricks."  

Summer Garden Care

Sow:  Lettuce, mustard, rutabaga and green onions

Plant:  Late summer herbs and veggies in pots with Cedar Grove potting soil (for a list of retailers, click here)

Plant:  Butterfly attractors like lavender in Cedar Grove Booster Blend (for more information about all of our products, click here)

Trim:  Drying foliage on tomato plants so their energy can be concentrated on the fruit

Pollinate:  Speed up or slow down developing vegetables like eggplants by using a small paint brush to remove pollen from flower to flower

Spray:  For powdery mildew prevention on roses, strawberries, grapes and squash – mix 1 tsp of baking soda, ½ tsp liquid soap and 1 quart water once/week.

HOT TIP:  Adding compost to your soil will help reduce fertilizing and water needs and help prevent compacting and erosion.  For homeowners facing drought conditions, Cedar Grove Compost provides a natural solution to facilitate water retention and lessen a landscape’s dependency on water.