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Ask Cedar Grove: Gardening Tips

“Sowing carrot seeds with flowering annual seeds will keep away carrot flies."  

April Garden Care

Sometimes it’s difficult to know when and where to plant what, and how to care for your garden.  We’ve asked the experts and come up with the following tips & tricks.

Planting Now:

SOW: Start tomatoes, peppers, celery and broccoli indoors. 

PLANT: Lettuce, peas, potatoes and carrots in Cedar Grove Vegetable Garden Mix.


Garden Care:

BANISH: Slugs & snails by creating a barrier of coffee grounds, around 3/4 inch high around the plants.

AMEND: Keep soils healthy with regular amendments of Cedar Grove Compost for healthy plants.

HARVEST: Mustard greens, beans, and beets.

TOPDRESS: Lawns with Cedar Grove Lawn Performance Blend to enhance water retention and keep your grass nice and green.

HOT TIP: Sowing carrot seeds with flowering annual seeds will keep away carrot flies.